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How to find our Norton® product key?

The activation key or product key is used for introducing a Norton® product to you. When you buy a Norton® product, a product key is provided to you which allows you to access all the features of Norton® antivirus suite. Norton® Activation key is a string of 25 alpha-numeric characters which is printed on rear side of the box. The blue print of Norton® product key: *****-*****-*****-*****-*****. You should always keep your Norton® activation key secure because if you face any kind of issues in the future, you will need this product key for assistance.

What is the need of Norton® Antivirus in your device?

Norton® antivirus provides a good scan to your device and then compare the data to the information presents in its database. If the antivirus finds it duplicate, it will label that piece of code as a virus, then delete or quarantines that particular file. Norton® antivirus detects malware and removes them from your device. Another antivirus only removes viruses but Norton® antivirus provides excellent security from viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots etc. It also provides security to your network. Its firewall blocks all the unauthorized and malicious URLs from into entering your system.

Norton® Activation and & Setup Support Services

Norton® is a globally known cyber security company that is very famous for providing lots of security software and services to the users. Norton® offers antivirus from home users to big enterprises. You can get the antivirus suite according to your need and budget. Get Norton® and surf the internet without any troublesome. Back in time, Norton® antivirus was designed for removing computer viruses. But now the advanced features of Norton® are providing excellent security from all kinds of malware such as Trojan Horses, spyware, bots, adware, etc. The regular updates of Norton® ensure you that your device is protected from all newly arrived threats.

If you are a netizen and want to stay secure, always then install Norton® in your instantly. The robust firewall will keep your online identity safe and will provide a better work environment. Norton® is offering you a multi-device subscription! You can use Norton® in your multiple devices with just one purchase:

  • Use Norton® Security Basic for securing your single device
  • U• Use Norton® Security Standard for securing up to three devices say your desktop PC, laptop, and your Smartphone
  • You can go for Norton® Security Deluxe for protection five devices
  • With Norton® Security Premium, you can secure up to ten devices!

Don’t waste your time and install Norton® instantly!

Norton® Antivirus Setup and Installation Procedure

For installing Norton® antivirus in your device, you have to create a Norton® account. If you already have an account then you can just log-in and add a new product in it. You can also go for Norton®‘s 30 day free trail pack. It will help you to choose which suite is better for your device. Here are the steps for downloading and installing Norton® product in your account:

  1. Sign in your Norton® account
  2. If you don’t have a Norton® account, then tap on the create account button and follow the onscreen commands
  3. Now, sign in to Norton® account
  4. A setup window will appear on the screen
  5. Tap on the Enter a new product key
  6. Enter your 25-charactered alpha-numeric product key
  7. It will ask you for the automatic renewal service, if you want that service than tap on the get started button.
  8. If you don’t want automatic renewal service, you can skip it and continue
  9. Now, tap on agree and download button. If you are using your Norton® program in other devices then tap on Send a Download link button
  10. After following all the onscreen commands, the Norton® product will be downloaded, installed and executed on your device.
  11. Save the Norton® related file on your preferred location

IIssues while installing Norton® antivirus with the activation key?

If you facing any kind of problems while installing Norton® antivirus in your device, you can fill the configuration provided above. After filling the details, you will get a call from our professional experts directly and they will provide you with reliable guidelines for installing Norton® product in your device.

If you facing any kind of problems while installing Norton® antivirus in your device, you can fill the configuration provided above. After filling the details, you will get a call from our professional experts directly and they will provide you with reliable guidelines for installing Norton® product in your device.

Top features and services provided by Norton® antivirus:

  • Excellent protection from viruses, spyware, adware, malware and other online threats
  • You can use single Norton® antivirus on multiple devices
  • Parental control feature, which helps to keep your child in a secure environment
  • Blocks all unauthentic and malicious URLs
  • You can add more protection as you get more devices
  • Disallow harmful downloads
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Maintains the privacy of the user in every device
  • Auto scan and scheduled scan features
  • Displays your PC health on a regular basis

Norton® antivirus is one of the top antivirus brands available in the market, it is developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation. The special feature of Norton® is that it uses signature and heuristics for detecting the viruses. Norton® products are available in retail, OEM software as well as in download. Norton® antivirus provides a recovery tool which helps you to recover your data even when your device is attacked by various kinds of threats.

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Norton® antivirus products:

  • Norton® antivirus security: Provides protection from viruses, all kinds of malware, and internet threats.
  • Norton® 360: It is an all-in-one security suite with good performance tuning.
  • Norton® antivirus: It provides similar features as Norton® Internet Security.
  • Norton® Mobile security: This suite provides safety to your mobile device from malware and other online threats.
  • Norton® identity protection: This service helps to keep your personal information secure from internet frauds.

Still Unable to get the Norton® Product Key Activation

You may get into issues while downloading or installing your Norton® antivirus, activating of the Norton® Activation key etc. You may face many other issues while installing Norton® in your device. For any kind of assistance, you just have to contact our technical support team. Our expert technicians will provide you with reliable guidelines for dealing with your issues. But before dialing the help support number, make sure that you are having your Norton® activation code with you. Our technicians will need the activation key to check that you are using the correct product. The product key is necessary for dealing with the issues.

Merits of contacting us:

Our team has years of experience and can tackle will all kinds of issues related to Norton® antivirus.

  • 24*7 online availability
  • Resolves issues related to installation, activation key setup etc.
  • Solving issues related to updating Norton® antivirus
  • Suggestion regarding Norton® suite according to your device compatibility

Our team is providing you round the clock services for resolving issues related to your Norton® antivirus. We are providing you reliable help support for Norton® antivirus which saves your time as well as money in a very friendly manner.

You can also visit direct Norton website to complete your setup or call at +1-800-994-3268(USA/CA) | +44-800-046-5074(UK) | (61)1-800-861-079(AUS).
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